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In 2002, work on femaleSOCCER.net started, based on 10 years of software development experience. This community portal website featured a content management system (CMS), e-commerce, team micro-sites, delegated content management, advertising platform and much more.

From 2005, webBRIEFCASE used lessons learned from femaleSOCCER and re-wrote the content management system (CMS) into a new, generic solution: the webBRIEFCASE Toolkit.

The webBRIEFCASE Toolkit was then used to build a number of corporate websites, providing each website owner with the freedom to add information to the website themselves, without the need to pay for additional web design / development.

The webBRIEFCASE Toolkit has grown into a powerful web-based framework which can be used as a foundation for any website, large or small.

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