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Software including on-line applications / web services. See: Application Categories.

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Software House

Flash is a popular platform for games and web development. iOS devices (e.g. iPhone, iPod, etc) cannot play Flash content. The Scratch platform uses Flash. webBRIEFCASE does not recommend the creation of Flash content except for use with Scratch.
Apache OpenOffice is a long standing, popular free alternative to Microsoft Office.
The Apache web server is the most commonly used web server software on the Internet and is used to power webBRIEFCASE websites.

Alternatives include NginX and Microsoft IIS.
HOMESTYLER includes a designer which allows you to model your house and show it in 3D.
AVG offers a free anti-virus application.
CCleaner can be used to clear browser cache and history.
Google Chrome was launched in 2008 and has steadily gained market share since then, to become the most widely used web browser (according to w3schools Browser Stats).
FileZilla is a popular free SSH file management tool. It is often used by systems administrators and website owners to copy files to / from a server.
Popular, well established free web browser from Mozilla. 
Flash is a popular platform for games and web developers. It does not work on iOS devices (e.g. iphone, ipod, etc). 
Freemind is a powerful, stable, easy-to-use mind mapping tool and is recommended by webBRIEFCASE (without guarantee / warranty).
GIMP is a free, very powerful image editing tool.
HTML is the language used to describe what web pages look like. HTML often works hand-in-hand with JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS).
Standard web browser for Windows, also available on other platforms.
Java is one of the most commonly used programming language. It is suitable for use for many purposes from controlling simple devices such as DVD players and washing machines, up to full blown applications.
Javascript is a language similar to Java, but which runs in the browser rather than on the web server. It is very useful for enhancing and validating data entry forms, for menus, etc - but is powerful enough to also be used for more complex applications, e.g. games.
KeePass is a free. portable password manager / password safe with strong security. Use a single (secret) master password to gain access to your other passwords.

LibreOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Office.
Linux is a (usually free) alternative to Microsoft Windows. There are many distributions available including RedHat, LinuxMint, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.
Linux Mint is a Linux distribution. A free alternative to Microsoft Windows.
McAfee AntiVirus is a stable, respected anti-virus product.
Microsoft Access is a powerful client (PC rather than web server) database management system (DBMS). It can be used to develop database applications.

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