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Over recent months, the webBRIEFCASE Toolkit has been completely overhauled.
  • A new performance analysis system has been embedded, allowing us to continually improve on performance. The toolkit is now more than 5x faster as result! We will carry on improving it.
  • Bootstrap has been added to make the site more attractive and mobile friendly.
  • More toolkits have been added and the existing toolkits defined.
  • Many more tables have been added. The last release had around 220. This release has more than 360!
  • We've greatly increased the speed at which new websites can be set-up. It now takes minutes (with no bugs) rather than hours (and loads of bugs). This will enable us to handle tens of new customers per day rather than just a couple. Next step is 100% automation.
  • A new pull-down menu system has been added.
  • Many, many bugs have been fixed. The toolkit is now very stable.
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This website is powered by webBRIEFCASE's own content management system (CMS): webBRIEFCASE Toolkits.

The toolkits can be used to kick-start the build of web portals and collaborative websites for projects and groups: departments, teams, etc.

The CMS is jam-packed with business features including:

  • Registration and login;
  • More than 300 related database tables to store and present business information. Each table can be presented as a list or form. Record management features include: new, show, edit, delete, publish, etc.;
  • Toolkits and tools: Address book, activity management, asset management, work stream management organisations, and much more.

webBRIEFCASE websites include basic shared hosting and all toolkits.

A starter website is just: £5 + VAT per user per month. You are likely to need better hosting (to improve the website performance) if you have more than 5 concurrent users.

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