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webBRIEFCASE is a World class provider of a comprehensive range of affordable off-the-shelf and tailored business and IT services, which suit organisations of all sizes: from sole traders up to global and blue chip companies.


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We'd love you to add your organisation for FREE

Adding your organisation to the webBRIEFCASE.com directory will help people to find you easily. Especially if you add information about your brands, products and services.

Your organisation can be listed under a number of organisation categories (e.g. plumbing, borough councils, schools, etc.)

In the future, we reserve the right to charge for presenting information in the webBRIEFCASE directory, but we're not thinking of doing that anytime soon, and when we do - we will not charge without first giving you the option to de-list from chargeable areas.

webBRIEFCASE consultants are ready to catapult your requirements into working, sustainable and cost effective solutions.

Most businesses have one or two (sometimes more) issues that they either don't have the time, staff or knowledge to tackle. We know how businesses should work, from sole traders through to multi-nationals and can help you to benefit from decades of knowledge and experience, and to fix those issues for you.

Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation discussion.

We will discuss and document your requirements, do any research that's necessary, produce a solution design (functional and technical), provide an estimate / quote, and then manage the implementation of the solution right through to launch and beyond.

Our solutions can be supported by webBRIEFCASE IT solutions based on the webBRIEFCASE Toolkit suite of applications. We can operate the full software development lifecycle from solution through build, testing and launch. 

We can also help you to set-up, refresh and revitalize your business with a top-down approach from business plans, strategic objectives, KPI measures, organisation structure, role profiles, business processes, service management frameworks, IT infrastructure and much more.

webBRIEFCASE is a World class provider of a comprehensive range of affordable off-the-shelf and tailored business and IT services, which suit organisations of all sizes: from sole traders up to global and blue chip companies.

webBRIEFCASE Services


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See also: Organisations A-Z.

Everything you do can be described by a process description. The processes table contains such descriptions. "Manage an incident", "Greet a visitor", "New starter induction" are examples of processes.

Within a business, it's important that processes are defined and readily available to staff to ensure those staff perform their job functions in the best practice manner.

If you need a process to be defined, contact webBRIEFCASE. In most cases, we will design small processes for FREE. Larger processes may incur a small fee.

webBRIEFCASE Service Desk is available to all UK organisations. We are here to support you with your business and IT needs. Simply register, login (forms are at the top of the page) and add a new activity providing as much detail as you can. We'll contact you to confirm the details and where required, provide you with a quote / estimate. We will not start work without your prior permission. Much of what we offer is either FREE or very low cost, but very high quality. We do this by maintaining a vast library of pre-written products and services which we simply leverage to suit your requirements.

In 2002, work on femaleSOCCER.net started, based on 10 years of software development experience. This community portal website featured a content management system (CMS), e-commerce, team micro-sites, delegated content management, advertising platform and much more.

From 2005, webBRIEFCASE used lessons learned from femaleSOCCER and re-wrote the content management system (CMS) into a new, generic solution: the webBRIEFCASE Toolkit.

The webBRIEFCASE Toolkit was then used to build a number of corporate websites, providing each website owner with the freedom to add information to the website themselves, without the need to pay for additional web design / development.

The webBRIEFCASE Toolkit has grown into a powerful web-based framework which can be used as a foundation for any website, large or small.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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