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RACI stands for responsible, accountable, consulted and informed and is a way of stating (ideally on a single page), how people are expected to be engaged in a process. See the "Key" section before for a full description of each letter.

This RACI tool enables you to quickly and easily define and publish a RACI. Roles are taken from and/or added to the Roles database table. Processes are taken from and/or added to the Processes database table. You can use those tables to add more information.

Processes should be listed in the order in which they are most likely to be used, i.e. starting with initiation, then through solutioning and work, to quality assurance and delivery.

Roles should be listed in the order in which they are engaged in the processes.

Click on each cell of the grid to edit the content of the cell. The letter in the cell is the RACI indicator. Some small text can also be added under the indicator as a qualifiying label, which clarifies how a role is involved.

Features to build

To do

Must do

  • Rows and columns: Add, insert, edit label.
  • Edit label. When this is done, the related tooltip titles have to change.
  • Tooltip to show label of row x column.
  • Create, edit, share, save, export the RACI.
  • Each item is a responsibility record.
  • Click and item to see its definition.
  • Populate from some input.

Should do

  • Rows and columns: move left/right/up/down, hide/show.
  • Click a column to set a thick border round it and edit all values.
  • No hard-coding
  • Add colour coding.
  • Select the dimensions. This productizes this widget.
  • Turn this into a generic 3-dimensional matrix editor widget. The third dimension is the type and label.
  • Put the Javascript in a separate widget file and advertise it.
  • Allow panels to be minimized. Started with help. Productize that an use for others.
  • Cell ID's should be automatically created.
  • Enable multiple editors to appear on the page.
  • Use Ajax to update values.

Could do

  • Click a column to set a thick border round it and edit all values.
  • Use this matrix editor to display tables in the main toolkit.
Use pre-built RACI definition

Paste CSV output from a previous use of this tool to pre-populate a RACI.

RACI Table


Letter Type Description Approver?
R Responsible Actively participates in the process and jointly or individually produces something. May delegate, but is still responsible. Yes
A Accountable Answerable for the completion of the process. Any request for information about the process must be directed at the accountable person, and shouldn't be directed at others. Likely to need to coordinate the process activities. Ensures responsible people actively participate. Yes
C Consulted Should be approached for their input into the process. May be subject matter experts (SME) or customer. Will also be informed. Yes
I Informed Receives some or all of the output of the process, and progress updates. Willnot be actively consulted for their input. No
The RACI table already been saved.
CSV Output

CSV File


Use our widget to show this RACI on a web page. Any time the RACI changes, the RACI on that web page will change on it's new showing.

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